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Solvent aerosol Degreasing aerosol Cleaning aerosol Stripper aerosol Lubricant aerosol Technical grease aerosol Cutting oil aerosol Cutting fluid aerosol Disinfectant aerosol Galvanising aerosol Release agent aerosol Silicone lubricant aerosol Welding anti-adherent aerosol Penetrating fluid aerosol Mounting paste aerosol Anti-corrosion aerosol


TECHNICAL AEROSOLS for maintenance
Industrial processes and production
Solvents eco-solvents degreasing and cleaning agents
Strippers detergents disinfectants
Lubricants technical greases cutting fluids
Anti-corrosion protection cold galvanising
Penetrating fluids demoulding agents anti-adhesives silicones

Produit Descriptif Lien
NEOLUBE® AL 150 Codex-compliant translucent grease aerosol, food-grade, NSF certified Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® AL 160 White Teflon® grease aerosol, food-grade, NSF certified Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® ALSI 220 Food-grade silicone grease with NSF certification, approved for contact with drinking water. Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® GR 140 High MoS2 content grease. Strong adhesion to the surfaces. Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® GR 170 Multi-function adhesive grease aerosol Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® GR 230 Complex lithium grease, extreme pressure, anti-wear, high temperatures Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® GRV 190 Green grease aerosol for extreme conditions Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® OPEN GEAR Lubricant for cables, chains and open gears Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® PF 10 Perfluorinated grease aerosol for extreme temperatures, fully resistant to solvents and chemical agents Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® PF 10.00 Perfluorinated grease specially designed for plastic injection. Viscosity suitable for mould ejectors. Fiche Technique