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Solvent aerosol Degreasing aerosol Cleaning aerosol Stripper aerosol Lubricant aerosol Technical grease aerosol Cutting oil aerosol Cutting fluid aerosol Disinfectant aerosol Galvanising aerosol Release agent aerosol Silicone lubricant aerosol Welding anti-adherent aerosol Penetrating fluid aerosol Mounting paste aerosol Anti-corrosion aerosol


TECHNICAL AEROSOLS for maintenance
Industrial processes and production
Solvents eco-solvents degreasing and cleaning agents
Strippers detergents disinfectants
Lubricants technical greases cutting fluids
Anti-corrosion protection cold galvanising
Penetrating fluids demoulding agents anti-adhesives silicones

Produit Descriptif Lien
BIOCLEAN AL HP Cleaning production lines, NSF certified Fiche Technique
BIOCLEAN C 350 Cleaning steel molds before storage Fiche Technique
BIOCLEAN MECA 300 Cleaning aluminium molds before storage Fiche Technique
BIOCLEAN SL 200 Cleaning flors and machinery environments Fiche Technique
DECAP 1000 Stripper for molds Fiche Technique
DEMOPLAST® 750 Silicone-free release agent, paintable, NSF certified Fiche Technique
DEMOPLAST® 780 HT Silicone-free release agent, paintable, NSF certified For HOT MOLDS Fiche Technique
DEMOPLAST® SIL 850 Water-repellent silicone lubricant release agent, NSF certified Fiche Technique
DP 6 Penetrating fluid in aerosol with six functions: penetrating fluid, deoxidising, lubricating, anti-corrosion, cleaning, tar remover Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® METAL 1100 Copper anti-seizure paste Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® PF 10.00 Perfluorinated grease specially designed for plastic injection. Viscosity suitable for mould ejectors. Fiche Technique
NEUTRALENE® 2005 Parts washing before decoration Fiche Technique
NEUTRALENE® 2012 Grease removal for molds Fiche Technique
NEUTRALENE® 2015 "HIGH TECH" degreasers high rate solvency Fiche Technique
NEUTRALENE® AL 30 Grease remover for fountains, NSF certified Fiche Technique
NEUTRALENE® V 200 Quick-drying multi-function food-grade degreasing aerosol with NSF certification Fiche Technique
NEUTRALENE® VG 2020 Eco-solvent for heavy duty degreasing. Emulsifiable, can be rinsed with water. 100% vegetable-based. Free of harmful and hazardous substances. Solvent-free. Fully biodegradable degreaser. Fiche Technique
PROTECT CR 250 Corrosion preventive wax for mold storage Fiche Technique
PROTECT FL 100 Anticorrosion fluid for mold storage, fingerprint neutralisation Fiche Technique
PROTECT FL 100 BLUE Anticorrosion fluid aerosol, all metals, visible when applied Fiche Technique