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Solvent aerosol Degreasing aerosol Cleaning aerosol Stripper aerosol Lubricant aerosol Technical grease aerosol Cutting oil aerosol Cutting fluid aerosol Disinfectant aerosol Galvanising aerosol Release agent aerosol Silicone lubricant aerosol Welding anti-adherent aerosol Penetrating fluid aerosol Mounting paste aerosol Anti-corrosion aerosol


TECHNICAL AEROSOLS for maintenance
Industrial processes and production
Solvents eco-solvents degreasing and cleaning agents
Strippers detergents disinfectants
Lubricants technical greases cutting fluids
Anti-corrosion protection cold galvanising
Penetrating fluids demoulding agents anti-adhesives silicones

Produit Descriptif Lien
DECAP 1000 Stripping aerosol, without chlorinated solvents, for stripping of paints, varnishes, resins and graffiti from all surfaces, including wood and metal Fiche Technique
ETERNA 3000 Soluble oil for machining by nanolubrification, all metals, multi-machining, bactericide-free Fiche Technique
NEOLUBE® GR 230 Complex lithium grease, extreme pressure, anti-wear, high temperatures Fiche Technique
NEUTRALENE® VG 2020 Eco-solvent for heavy duty degreasing. Emulsifiable, can be rinsed with water. 100% vegetable-based. Free of harmful and hazardous substances. Solvent-free. Fully biodegradable degreaser. Fiche Technique
PLASTIKOL T2 Extreme pressure machining lubricant. Drilling, tapping, threading. Viscosity suitable for manual operations and automatic machines. Fiche Technique
PROTECT FL 100 BLUE Anticorrosion fluid aerosol, all metals, visible when applied Fiche Technique